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Slowing down the aging process with antioxidants

10 Feb

ImageWe’ve probably all heard of free radicals and their harmful effects on the body’s aging process, but what does it really mean and how can we prevent the damage? Free radicals are damaged cells which are released when oxygen is processed by the body in the natural process called oxidation (the same occurs when you cut an apple and oxygen reacts to turn it brown), and they cause changes in those cells they touch (eg they die – like with rotting fruit, or they might produce new cells to heal a cut). Because free radicals are missing a critical molecule, they go on a rampage to hook up and become complete. In the process, they damage the DNA of cells they touch, which creates the seed of disease. External toxins are free radical generators, speeding up the process of damage.


Normal cell functions produce free radicals that are kept under control by antioxidants in the foods we eat, but this is not enough to combat the toxins we are exposed to from the external environment – especially if you smoke, drink, or are exposed to sun, pesticides or pollution (OK, so that would be most of us!).



Colourful fruits and veges containing beta-carotene, Vit C or Vit E (eg purple, red, blue, orange or yellow fruits/veges) as well as foods containing zinc (oysters (yum!), poultry, red meat, beans, nuts, seafood, grains, dairy) and selenium (red meat, poultry, grains, nuts). And best not to overcook them!


If you’ re not getting adequate from your diet, or you exercise a lot, you may need to supplement your diet with a good Zinc+C or similar. Great idea to talk to your naturopath about this.


Oh yes, you knew there’d be a skincare angle! Free radicals are a big factor in the premature aging process as the skin tries to battle both the environmental stresses and the free radicals it is exposed to. It is reported that your skin absorbs up to 70-80% of what you put on it (depending on the source of data), so topically applied antioxidants are really critical for your skin to build it’s resistance to environmental stresses and damage, and to supplement the antioxidant protection that good food can provide. There are several well-documented antioxidant ingredients for skincare, but at Rubifresh Natural Skincare, we use pomegranate oil and natural Vit E in almost every product. You can search for them in the ingredients on our website here.


We are feverishly developing a range of Premium Facial Treatment Oils, one of which will be an ultra rich antioxidant booster, containing green tea and grape seed, along with our usual heroes – Vit E, pomegranate. If you are keen to try, and to keep up to date with launches and specials, join our facebook page or sign up on our website.

Rubiwomen is written by Tristan Fahey, Owner & Founder, Rubifresh Natural Skincare.

Awesome Avocado

12 Nov

avocadoIt’s been called the world’s most perfect food – the awesome avocado. Originally from Mexico, this superfruit has now been well researched, and linked with the prevention and control of Alzheimer’s Disease, cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other health conditions. We also love it for its amazing skin benefits!

The Avocado fruit is high in fibre, is cholesterol free, and contains nearly 20 essential nutrients, including healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats (such as Omega 3), Vits A, C, D, E, K, potassium and the B vitamins. Omega 3 foods are especially known for their role in building healthy hearts, brain and eyes.

One of the really interesting findings of late has been the role of Avocado in Alzheimer’s disease, due to its high level of Vit E. The International Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease and Associated Disorders reports the findings from years of clinical studies, revealing that high doses of vit E can neutralise free radicals and protein buildup to reverse memory loss in Alzheimers patients, reverse symptoms in the early stages, and retard the progression of the disease.

Another nutrient – Lutein – present in Avocados in concentrations 3 times that of other fruits and veges, protects against cataracts and certain forms of cancer, reducing the risk of macular degeneration (the leading cause of blindness in adults 65yrs+).

At Rubifresh Skincare, we love avocado too! As far as skin benefits go, it has been called ‘Mother Nature’s skin moisturiser’ due to its oil composition being close to our skin’s sebum (oil). This means it neither sits on the surface unabsorbed, nor does it disappear too quickly. Instead, it richly nourishes deep into the skin, and provides an ongoing moisture barrier. Our Rubifresh detoxifying Body Scrub is a delicious blend of pure avocado oil, camellia (green tea) oil, chia seeds, clay, raw sugar, juniper, lime and spearmint – great for exfoliating all over the body, helps detoxify the system through the skin, and leaves your skin really plump and hydrated due to the concentration of avocado oil.

Check out our Body Scrub at Rubifresh Skincare.

Rubiwomen is written by Tristan Fahey, Owner & Founder, Rubifresh all natural skincare.