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Sleep & Youthful Skin

18 Jul
Rubifresh sleep natural skincare

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Whether you’re a night owl or an early bird, getting enough sleep can really impact your health… including the youthful appearance of your skin! We all know what it’s like when we haven’t had enough sleep; those dreaded dark puffy circles under the old eyes, the short temper, the low energy.

Yes, sleep can really make or break your day and not just when it comes to your mood. The term ‘beauty sleep’ isn’t just a clever way to get youngsters to go to bed earlier, it’s actually based on real facts and it’s all to do with keeping age at bay naturally.

Sleep & Youthful Skin – the Facts!

  1. The Human Growth Hormone is responsible for keeping us looking young and sprightly and this hormone really goes to work when we’re asleep – especially in our slow wave sleep cycle.
  2. We actually develop more skin while we’re asleep! This helps us renew and rejuvenate our skin increasing its youthfulness.
  3. ‘Stratum Corneum’ works in two ways; as the skin’s barrier to moisture loss and a defence system against bacterial invasion. When we don’t have enough sleep, the Stratum Corneum struggles to provide that barrier, leading to moisture loss, dehydration and skin that’s susceptible to breakouts.

Other Health Benefits

Besides providing incredible benefits for skin, sleep also allows time and space for our bodies to heal. This means quicker healing for your body and less injuries and illnesses long-term.

Sleep can also make you smarter! That’s right, our mind and body learn and remember new things when we’re asleep. A rested brain is one that is ready for action once you’re awake, not sluggish and cloudy like a brain deprived of zzz’s.

Finally, a lack of sleep over a period of time leads to slow and steady weight gain. Not only is your body missing out on vital rest time but you have more time to be tempted by a midnight snack… or two!

How to Get More Sleep

Sleep is such an easy way to maintain youthful looking skin naturally. It’s often the simple things in life that are most effective and this is one of them. But if you’re one of those people that find it hard to go to bed early or to get to sleep, we have a few handy tips to ease you into dreamland…

  • Enjoy a lovely warm herbal tea before bedtime
  • Banish screens from your bedroom and make sure you have screen-free time before you go to bed.
  • Use the awesome Rescue Remedy Sleep Formula – works like a charm!
  • Try herbal supplements like Valerian that won’t make you feel groggy when you wake up in the morning.

What are your favourite natural sleep remedies?

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The eyes have it – wonderful cucumber!

11 Jul


Known for centuries to reduce eye puffiness, cucumber has so many health benefits for both skin and body. Let’s explore some of those benefits.

Cucumis Sativus – the humble cucumber. High in fibre and super high in water content (about 96%), cucumber in the diet can help the digestive system work more efficiently, and….well….get things moving!

But what we really love here at Rubifresh skincare is its magic abilities for improving the health of our skin. Cucumber is rich in Vit C, which is a very powerful antioxidant, increasing collagen and elastin production, and hence, smoothing out the skin. The ascorbic acid and caffeic acid reduce water retention, and this is why cucumber has been used for centuries to reduce eye puffiness. And if that wasn’t enough to get you excited, it’s antioxidant and natural silica content helps fade dark circles around the eyes.

As we know, cucumber is easy to come by and worth using fresh on the eyes or in the diet, but if you want to experience the combined benefits of the lovely cucumber and it’s anti-aging partners in crime, grab a luxurious all-natural Rubifresh Eye Gel for an on the go anti-aging refresher. Find it here.

Rubiwomen is written by Tristan Fahey, owner/founder at Rubifresh natural skincare.

Keeping Age At Bay With Antioxidants

4 Jul

While most of us may be able to imagine a day when we can look at ourselves in the mirror and proudly see our ‘happy lines’ as a reflection of a life filled with love and laughter, few of us want to exclaim “oh those deep furrows, wrinkles and sagging skin!” Let’s face it – there are lines and there are lines!

What are wrinkles?

As you age, your skin begins to lose elasticity, moisture and gradually becomes thinner. It also struggles to protect itself from the world around it – from chemicals to harsh weather conditions. So, it needs a little help and this is the moment where some resort to extreme measures like plastic surgery. But thank goodness, there is another way and it’s all about natural ingredients and the antioxidants living and breathing in those ingredients.

What are Antioxidants?

These superheroes protect your skin’s cells from Oxidative Stress! Say, what? Ok, so Oxidative Stress happens when Free Radicals (sounds cool but they’re really NOT) go rampaging around your body causing all kinds of chaos including cell damage. So to counteract this mayhem, we top up our Antioxidants which actually reverse damage and help new cells to grow.

What this means for our skin is that Antioxidants can reverse the signs of aging! In practical terms if you apply products with Antioxidants on board, your skin will become firmer, there will be fewer wrinkles, inflammation and scarring will be reduced and your immune system will be on fire… in a good way.

4 Ways to Fight Free Radicals

1. Healthy Diet

This ticks so many boxes. Not only great for your skin but your whole body will be loving you once you tweak the way you eat. Think about…

  • Reducing processed food
  • Eat fresh fruit and veggies
  • Loads of colour – eat a rainbow!
  • Reduce preservatives/additives

Make it delicious so the change is permanent. No one likes a boring salad! Make it sing by adding nuts, orange pieces or a healthy homemade dressing.

2. Reduce Toxins

Find out which chemicals are simply not necessary. Do your research, there’s heaps of natural tips out there on the internet. Try an aluminium-free deodorant or restrict your exposure to UV Rays or X Rays. Avoid smoking and pollutants where you can!

3. Stress Less! 

Easier said than done, right? But there are some things you can do to reduce stress including exercising. Once again choose something you’ll enjoy long-term. Manage your time better, introduce margins for your life. Give yourself wiggle room, space to relax and do things that you really love. And get some good quality sleep.

4. Antioxidants

There’s our superheroes again. Eat and apply your antioxidants every day and you’ll notice the difference. Make sure there’s a variety of these beauties. Why? Read on…

Antioxidant Combinations

On their own, Antioxidants are pretty good but to give them a turbo boost, you need to combine forces. Each Antioxidant impacts the body differently, so combining them will attack those rebellious Free Radicals from all angles, working together to fight those dreaded signs of aging.

We live in a world full of toxins – you just can’t escape them, so this kind of external help is more than necessary to give your skin a healthy, natural glow and reverse those premature wrinkles and fine lines that we all try to avoid.

To make it super-easy, we’ve done all the hard work for you. All Rubifresh products are packed with the right balance of Antioxidants so all you have to do is apply them. And as you layer one product over another, you get the synergistic effect of a variety of antioxidants all working together to manage the aging process. Too easy!

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Natural cleansing

13 Jun

In pursuit of natural skin healthWalking down the supermarket aisle the other day, I decided to take a look at a cleansing product marketed by a global skincare brand. It was called “Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash with Aloe”. One would assume by the presence of aloe, that this product was in some way more ‘natural’ than others. So in the interest of understanding our competitors, I decided to check it out more fully….

This product contains 19 ingredients, and after a little more research I discovered many of these ingredients have been linked to serious illness and other adverse effects on the body. Here’s a few to watch out for and avoid:

Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate – a detergent which can break down to form carcinogenic nitrosamines. Regulated only for use in wash-off products

Potassium Hydroxide – called “caustic potash”, it is a pH regulator used in industrial drain cleaners

DMDM Hydantoin – contains formaldehyde which can cause irritation or allergic reaction despite small quantities….(oh, and it’s link to cancer is proven!)

Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate – a preservative used globally in paint production & wood preservation, acutely toxic by inhalation, risk to reproduction/fertility, strong evidence of neurotoxicity, and possible link to GI or liver toxicity

CI 19140 (yes, that’s actually the ingredient name!) – synthetic yellow dye, banned in Austria and Norway. In the UK it must be labelled “may have an adverse effect on activity & attention in children”. In the US, it must be labelled “may cause allergic reactions such as asthma”.

Need any more evidence? After seeing the extent of the deceit, I am on a personal quest to help people make better healthier decisions around what we call ‘beauty’. We don’t have to compromise our health for good skin. Quite the opposite.

Choose natural. Rubifresh Cleansing Oil has less than half the number of ingredients, and you can understand what all of them are. Just a bunch of beautiful oils that deep cleanse and refresh the skin…naturally.

If you are interested, find it here.

Rubiwomen is written by Tristan Fahey, Owner/Founder of all natural skincare brand Rubifresh, and passionate advocate for real beauty.

Miraculous Cleansing Tea Tree

31 Mar

Some time ago I had my annual check up at the skin cancer clinic, and I showed the doctor a raised (and growing) brown mark on my leg – I was intrigued, and maybe a little concerned, as it was growing very fast (and it was fairly ugly too!).original leg.jpg Yes, that’s it on the left – ooh!

He asked me if I’d tried tea tree oil before. “Tea Tree!! I love Tea Tree oil” I said. “It is one of the key ingredients in our Rubifresh Cleansing Oil because of it’s deep cleansing properties”, I offered, unsure of why he was mentioning Tea Tree oil when I expected him to freeze this ugly thing off my leg and be done with it.

He went on to explain that this mark on my leg was basically a case of too much sebum production….all gluing itself together to form a lump. He said Tea Tree oil would work on it, acting like a broom to unglue the sebum, and sweep it out – for good! Well this made perfect sense, because we use it in our main cleansing product because it deep cleanses the pores!

So he set me a challenge. Tea Tree oil. 60days. Morning and night. “Just see what happens” he said.

So 7 weeks in, here’s the proof! I am amazed! The brown raised lump on my leg has all but vanished. Got the pics to prove it!now leg Yep, this is it on the left!

If you have never tried our luxurious Cleansing Oil with Tea Tree, don’t delay! This ingredient is amazing, and nothing else will cleanse and ‘unglue’ the gunk in your pores quite as effectively.

Find it here at 


International Women’s Day – so what?

7 Mar

Today we celebrate International Women’s Day. Why? Surely not because women are in any way superior to men. Nor do we celebrate that women can be just like men. We were created quite intentionally for a unique role. Women were not made inferior to men. Just different. When women lead, and people want to follow, it is precisely because they lead in a ‘woman kind of way’; not needing to emulate a man’s way of leading.

We recognise this day because in many parts of the world, women are indeed treated as second class…as somehow less worthy than men. It is true that even in our affluent Western society, women are not always given the same rights, rewards and opportunities as men. This needs to change and we need to start whatever groundwell of change we can influence.

But we do not gather today to winge and complain (please, let’s not use the day to do this!). We gather as a community of women to encourage, to inspire, to build up, not to tear down. To recognise the contribution that men and women together can make to this world.

Today, make a choice to sow love, encouragement and optimism into your community. This is where we as women will make a real difference.

Happy International Women’s Day!Tristan Portrait 20 edited smallest

At last the tide is turning towards natural skincare!

27 May

Thanks to changes in technologies and attitudes, “Love the skin you’re in” is the latest catch cry of the beauty industry, according to Sarah Bristow, Beauty Directory. “The beauty world is moving away from elaborate cover-ups and cosmetic injections and into the skincare sector, focusing on improving the condition of the face itself” Sarah says.

Well…it’s about time! Yay!

A recent study by Euromonitor confirmes the skincare sector is the biggest contributor to absolute growth, making up a quarter of beauty’s total annual revenue, and growth is expected to continue.

On catwalks of the world, many of the looks are now focused on radiant natural skin rather than colour and foundation.

Beauty Directory spoke to a handful of experts from the industry about what this shift means for skincare in 2015.

Put the knife away
“The all-natural look no longer simply relates to the ingredients used in products, but also consumers’ disinterest in going under the knife” Sarah says. Yay…we say! According to data released by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons early this year, cosmetic surgery is on the decline. Yay…we say again!

The article says that non invasive surgery (such as Botox) remains popular. Boo…we say!

Embrace the oil slick

According to Beauty Directory, oils have taken the beauty world by storm, with every major women’s publication far and wide touting the benefits of its use in a daily skincare regime. “Their popularity can be attributed to their intensely hydrating properties and ability to absorb into the skin’s surface better than standard moisturisers. Face oils are particularly effective in treating ageing skin – from your late 30s, the skin’s natural oils decrease, causing wrinkles to appear deeper.”

Lucky we were one of the first with our luxurious Rubifresh Cleansing Oil 3 years ago! Yay us!

Go au naturale
Sarah also says “Just as there is growing interest in what we are putting into our bodies, there is heightened awareness about what’s going on to the skin’s surface”. There is clearly a huge groundswell of support for natural ingredients amongst consumers.

At Rubifresh Natural Skincare, we can’t wait to see the movement of ‘natural’ continue, and even hope the era of Botox will soon be over and we can get on with life!

(article summarised from Sarah Bristow’s Beauty Directory article)

Rubiwomen is written by Tristan Fahey, Owner/Founder of Rubifresh Natural Skincare.

Double Cleansing for the most amazingly fresh skin

26 Nov

cleansingsystem limeDespite what we are lead to believe about cleansing the skin, using natural vegetable and nut oils for cleansing is one of the best things you can do for your skin. Oil cleansing has been used in many countries as a recognised face cleansing method. Natural oils, when rubbed in, dissolve impurities, environmental ‘dirt’ and makeup, while providing essential nourishment for the skin.

Even oily skins respond well to oil cleansing, because when rubbed into the skin, the oils trick the sebaceous glands into believing they have produced enough oil, and they stop producing an excess.  Oil based cleansers will also not aggravate acne or cause new break outs because they are very gentle on the skin. Ideally, at night, after the face has been exposed to the grime of the day, we should double cleanse, which involves an oil cleanse first, followed by a light, natural cleanser without sulfates or harsh chemicals, and without animal fats. This can either be a vegetable based cleansing bar, or a cleansing gel which penetrates easily to purify the skin deep down and provide other nourishment the skin needs. Then in the morning, all we need to do is either wash our face with warm water, or give it a light cleanse with our cleansing gel. Squeaky clean, but not stripped dry!

Above all, remember that intense cleansing or scrubbing can worsen skin conditions such as acne and inflammation, and expose the skin to unwanted bacteria.

Always be gentle!

Find out about our 2 step Cleansing System, which includes a beautiful olive oil based Cleansing Oil and a gentle Cleansing Gel at

What is that ingredient anyway?

23 Nov

Welcome to Festival of Fresh 2014! To find the answer to your Festival of Fresh question, read on, and contact us through website.



When we set out to develop our range of natural skincare products (find us at, we not only committed to exclude any ingredients that were not 100% naturally derived, but also to exclude ingredients with long, complicated names. WHY? Because we believe that keeping your skin youthful, beautiful and healthy should not be difficult or confusing, or complicated with claims you cannot understand.

So let’s have a look at some of our amazing ingredients, to see where they come from and what they do…

HYALURONIC ACID – naturally present in human skin & joints, but is depleted as we age. It’s main job in the skin is to transport nourishment to the outer layers of the skin, and to eliminate waste. It also plays a role in helping regulate the life cycle of skin cells. It can absorb 1000x it’s weight in water, making it a super-hydrating ingredient for…

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Awesome Avocado

12 Nov

avocadoIt’s been called the world’s most perfect food – the awesome avocado. Originally from Mexico, this superfruit has now been well researched, and linked with the prevention and control of Alzheimer’s Disease, cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other health conditions. We also love it for its amazing skin benefits!

The Avocado fruit is high in fibre, is cholesterol free, and contains nearly 20 essential nutrients, including healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats (such as Omega 3), Vits A, C, D, E, K, potassium and the B vitamins. Omega 3 foods are especially known for their role in building healthy hearts, brain and eyes.

One of the really interesting findings of late has been the role of Avocado in Alzheimer’s disease, due to its high level of Vit E. The International Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease and Associated Disorders reports the findings from years of clinical studies, revealing that high doses of vit E can neutralise free radicals and protein buildup to reverse memory loss in Alzheimers patients, reverse symptoms in the early stages, and retard the progression of the disease.

Another nutrient – Lutein – present in Avocados in concentrations 3 times that of other fruits and veges, protects against cataracts and certain forms of cancer, reducing the risk of macular degeneration (the leading cause of blindness in adults 65yrs+).

At Rubifresh Skincare, we love avocado too! As far as skin benefits go, it has been called ‘Mother Nature’s skin moisturiser’ due to its oil composition being close to our skin’s sebum (oil). This means it neither sits on the surface unabsorbed, nor does it disappear too quickly. Instead, it richly nourishes deep into the skin, and provides an ongoing moisture barrier. Our Rubifresh detoxifying Body Scrub is a delicious blend of pure avocado oil, camellia (green tea) oil, chia seeds, clay, raw sugar, juniper, lime and spearmint – great for exfoliating all over the body, helps detoxify the system through the skin, and leaves your skin really plump and hydrated due to the concentration of avocado oil.

Check out our Body Scrub at Rubifresh Skincare.

Rubiwomen is written by Tristan Fahey, Owner & Founder, Rubifresh all natural skincare.