Miraculous Cleansing Tea Tree

31 Mar

Some time ago I had my annual check up at the skin cancer clinic, and I showed the doctor a raised (and growing) brown mark on my leg – I was intrigued, and maybe a little concerned, as it was growing very fast (and it was fairly ugly too!).original leg.jpg Yes, that’s it on the left – ooh!

He asked me if I’d tried tea tree oil before. “Tea Tree!! I love Tea Tree oil” I said. “It is one of the key ingredients in our Rubifresh Cleansing Oil because of it’s deep cleansing properties”, I offered, unsure of why he was mentioning Tea Tree oil when I expected him to freeze this ugly thing off my leg and be done with it.

He went on to explain that this mark on my leg was basically a case of too much sebum production….all gluing itself together to form a lump. He said Tea Tree oil would work on it, acting like a broom to unglue the sebum, and sweep it out – for good! Well this made perfect sense, because we use it in our main cleansing product because it deep cleanses the pores!

So he set me a challenge. Tea Tree oil. 60days. Morning and night. “Just see what happens” he said.

So 7 weeks in, here’s the proof! I am amazed! The brown raised lump on my leg has all but vanished. Got the pics to prove it!now leg Yep, this is it on the left!

If you have never tried our luxurious Cleansing Oil with Tea Tree, don’t delay! This ingredient is amazing, and nothing else will cleanse and ‘unglue’ the gunk in your pores quite as effectively.

Find it here at www.Rubifresh.com.au 


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