International Women’s Day – so what?

7 Mar

Today we celebrate International Women’s Day. Why? Surely not because women are in any way superior to men. Nor do we celebrate that women can be just like men. We were created quite intentionally for a unique role. Women were not made inferior to men. Just different. When women lead, and people want to follow, it is precisely because they lead in a ‘woman kind of way’; not needing to emulate a man’s way of leading.

We recognise this day because in many parts of the world, women are indeed treated as second class…as somehow less worthy than men. It is true that even in our affluent Western society, women are not always given the same rights, rewards and opportunities as men. This needs to change and we need to start whatever groundwell of change we can influence.

But we do not gather today to winge and complain (please, let’s not use the day to do this!). We gather as a community of women to encourage, to inspire, to build up, not to tear down. To recognise the contribution that men and women together can make to this world.

Today, make a choice to sow love, encouragement and optimism into your community. This is where we as women will make a real difference.

Happy International Women’s Day!Tristan Portrait 20 edited smallest

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