What is that ingredient anyway?

17 Oct





When we set out to develop our range of natural skincare products (find us at http://www.rubifresh.com.au), we not only committed to exclude any ingredients that were not 100% naturally derived, but also to exclude ingredients with long, complicated names. WHY? Because we believe that keeping your skin youthful, beautiful and healthy should not be difficult or confusing, or complicated with claims you cannot understand.

So let’s have a look at some of our amazing ingredients, to see where they come from and what they do…

HYALURONIC ACID – naturally present in human skin & joints, but is depleted as we age. It’s main job in the skin is to transport nourishment to the outer layers of the skin, and to eliminate waste. It also plays a role in helping regulate the life cycle of skin cells. It can absorb 1000x it’s weight in water, making it a super-hydrating ingredient for skincare products. Our HA is plant derived and GMO free.

BETA VULGARIS (BEET) ROOT EXTRACT – In our formulations where a high level of moisturisation/hydration is required, beetroot extract is used alongside hydrolised corn starch, as part of a powerful active ingredient complex. It’s purpose is to provide the skin with the necessary moisturisation to maintain it’s smoothness and suppleness. It has been shown in objective studies to strongly elevate the concentration of the skin’s own Natural Moisturising Factors (which maintain high levels of hydration in the outer layers of the skin), and to maintain a higher level of moisturisation of the skin even after 24hrs.

BELLIS PERENNIS (DAISY) FLOWER EXTRACT – This is not a commonly found ingredient in skincare, but is used in our Pigmentation Serum, and our Hand Cream for it’s skin lightening action, and effectiveness at resolving hyperpigmentation and age spots. It works at two levels – firstly, it reduces the activity and synthesis of tyrosinase (the precursor to melanin) and the concentration of endothelin, also involved in the production of melanin, and therefore skin pigmentation. It is combined with two other powerful plant extracts with lightening actions – licorice root and acerola berry.

PANICUM MILIACEUM (MILLET) SEED EXTRACT – Used in our anti-aging formulations alongside tannic acid (from the oak tree), as a powerful active ingredient which works on fine lines and wrinkles. It’s dual action promotes the production of collagen (elastic tissue), and provides a taughtening effect at the surface. Human studies show this active complex leads to a visible improvement in the skin’s microstructure (23%), and a decrease in the depth of wrinkles (10%).

For more information, or to purchase any of our natural, high performance skincare products, visit us at http://www.rubifresh.com.au or LIKE us at http://www.facebook.com/Rubifresh

Rubiwomen is written by

Tristan Fahey, Owner & Founder, Rubifresh Skincare


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  1. JISHA JONES October 27, 2013 at 11:24 am #

    Best skin-care product i have ever used. The cleansing oil and anti-aging moisturiser is magical. Thanks Rubifresh.

  2. rubiwomen November 23, 2014 at 6:28 am #

    Reblogged this on Rubiwomen and commented:

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