Foot fetish

20 Jun

love your feet

OK, confession time. I do not have a foot fetish….but I am fascinated by feet (nice ones, that is).

My own feet get little care in the usual course of life, but today I gave them a bit of loving. I booked in for an express pedicure, using a gift voucher from my lovely brother-in-law….2 days before it expired (that gives you an idea of how little I think about my feet!). It was luxurious, and so relaxing I think I snored! But it got me thinking….our feet cop a pounding, especially if you are like me, and love to exercise. Or if you love to wear bare feet in summer…or those enormously high heels I can’t quite bring myself to wear.
Here are some interesting foot-facts thanks to David Jenson, Dr of Podiatric Medicine;
i) there are more than 100 muscles and ligaments in the foot/ankle
ii) the foot contains 1/4 of all the bones in the body
iii) there are 250,000 sweat glands in a pair of feet (oooooh!)
iv) each day the total force on our feet equals 100s of tons, equal to an average fully loaded cement truck!
Based on this (especially the sweaty fact), I’m thinking we should spend more time and effort looking after our feet.
SO….what should we ‘time-poor’ lads and lassies do for our poor little feet?
1. FOOT CLEANSING – you can do this with warm soapy water – even in the shower. If you have time, soak your feet and read a good book!
2. FOOT SCRUBBING – grab a refreshing sugar or salt scrub and get massaging! Apply pressure to the balls of the feet and arches where we hold a lot of tension. Don’t forget to wash the scrub off! this can be a quick shower routine or a longer pampering experience, but it will make a huge difference to the softness of your feet.
3. FOOT MOISTURISING – this makes your skin soft and supple, but also prevents cracking. Use a really good rich moisturising cream, and while you are doing this apply pressure to the balls of the feet and the arches where we hold a lot of tension.
Find our Rubifresh All Natural Body Scrub (lime and spearmint) and rich Body Cream (orange and mint) at
…and pamper away!

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