Inspired Beauty

24 May

The truly beautiful Audrey Hepburn

Ironically, just as I launched my new skincare brand Rubifresh last week I was sick as a dog…looking and feeling rotten! Not feeling very beautiful at all! So this week I decided to write about Inspired Beauty. The kind of beauty that comes from an inspirational story, attitude or lifestyle, rather than the more classical physical view of beauty. My all time favourite actress is the very beautiful Audrey Hepburn (above). Not because she was ever the most classically beautiful woman of her time, but because I always thought there was something quite different about her, and this of course showed in her later life as ambassador of Unicef. In one of the many books about her extraordinary life, her son quotes his mother as saying “a smile is the perfection of laughter…but crying is good for your eyes and for your soul. It beautifies”. Now that, in my mind, is an inspired vision of what beauty really is. It is both inside and out. Without looking at the beauty within, we can only hope to ‘manufacture’ beauty on the outside. I believe finding our real beauty comes from a journey to the only place our uniquness resides….and that is on the inside. Finding this inner beauty will free us. Despite her quirkiness, and less-than-classical physical beauty, Audrey Hepburn is an enduring symbol of beauty and inspiration for our society. She never herself wrote an autobiography for fear of hurting someone she might have ‘exposed’, and of the seven biographies written about her life, not one author was able to uncover anything juicy or controversial about her very public life. What a vision of inspiration she remains to this day….a life that embodied both physical beauty and beauty towards others. A life that inspires others to beauty!

What do you think?

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